Fall Registration

Registration for the 2020-2021 will take place in January 2020.

January 8: Saint Stephen’s church members currently enrolled and their siblings.

January 9: Currently enrolled students and their siblings.

January 21: Saint Stephen’s church members not currently enrolled. Contact Leslie Dunlap to receive the registration link at 10AM on January 21.

January 22: Registration opens for all others. The registration link will be posted here at 10AM

Registration Priority

  1. Staff members of Saint Stephen's Episcopal Church and Saint Stephen's Preschool Board members have first priority in the registration process. They will be allowed to register before the formal registration priority process begins.

  2. Saint Stephen's church members currently enrolled and their siblings have the next priority in the process.

  3. The 3rd priority in registration is given to currently enrolled students and their siblings.

  4. Fourth priority will be given to church members not currently enrolled in the school. Church members not currently enrolled should contact Leslie prior to registration so that you will receive the registration link through email on January 22, 2019 at 10:00 AM.

  5. Any children who do not meet the above criteria are registered if there is space available, or can be placed on waiting lists.

There are different assigned registration dates for each of these different groups.

If, due to space availability, you are not accepted to the program, your child may be placed on a waiting list. If space becomes available, the director will contact you and you will have the opportunity to accept the space. If you do accept the space, your registration will be processed at that time.

Records Required for Attendance:

  • Child's Release Form*

  • Child's Habit Form*

  • Child's Immunization Record*

  • Release of All Claims Form*

* These forms will be provided once the child is accepted to the program